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The Farm

Vis Tree Farm is a certified Local Organic produce and herb farm located in rural Ottawa, Ontario (Canada). It encompasses the cultivation of approximately 2 acres, which includes raised beds, field crops, fruit/nut orchards, berry patches, a hoop house, hops trellis', and wildcrafting in the non-cultivated woodland areas of the property. VTF focuses on production and wild-craft harvesting of high-quality fruit and vegetables, culinary herbs, hops, and medicinal herbs for both the local community and broader Ontario markets.  



Square-Foot Gardening

Our priorities as farmers are rooted in two principles:


1) Quality over Quantity - prioritizing the highest quality produce while providing accessibiliy to those that seek it.

2) Nature First - stewardship of the land, minimal waste production and creating sustainable systems. 


In all aspects of our lives and careers, we strive to place Nature first. As important as food and herbal medicine are to human health, sacrificing the long-term health of the land will not only jeopardize our current systems, but will diminish resources for future generations. Our aim is to demonstrate that living a modest and ecologically responsible life is feasible for anyone. 

We incorporate two main concepts of agriculture:



1) Permaculture: a holistic system of farming and living that maximizes yields while working with (not against) the systems of nature.

For more information about Permaculture, click here

2) Square-Foot Gardening: a simplistic method of raised-bed gardening that utilizes the least space while producing the highest yield possible.

For more information about SFG, click here

If you have any questions or would like to see how we grow, please Contact Us for more information!


Raised beds at Vis Tree Farm

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