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About Us

About Us

We are Alex and Jenn, naturopathic doctors and organic farmers! We met in medical school where we quickly realized we had a mutual dream of living a more simple life and integrating medicine with farming. After spending five years in Toronto, we decided to move to beautiful Ottawa (Alex's hometown) and settled on rural land where we could fulfill our dreams. 


Beyond medicine and farming, we're both passionate about accessible health care, land stewardship and alternative building methods. In medical school, we travelled to Haiti twice to volunteer with an amazing organization called Naturopaths Without Borders. We now continue to work on not-for-profit medical projects, both in Canada and abroad.


In the future, we plan to build a home using strawbales, cob and alternative energy sources, with the long-term plan to be completely off the conventional utility grid. 


Our overall goal is to demonstrate that two young professionals

can lead a sustainable, efficient and high-quality rural life.


We look forward to establishing relationships with everyone who shares our passion for health, farming and nature!

Love & Peace, 

Jenn & Alex

Vis Tree - Alex & Jenn Keller

About Vis Tree

Vis Tree is a vision of healthcare and sustainable produce/herb production grounded in the roots of Nature Cure, with the belief that every human possesses the innate wisdom of health and healing. 


Loosely translated, Vis Tree means Tree of Life. 




Vis - pronounced "veese"; Latin for Force, it is commonly used to represent the life energy, inherent in all beings


Tree - represents the cyclical nature of life, with each of its components serving a different phase of life


The use of the word Tree represents the multiple phases of life: 


Branches - budding and growing, the newest part of the tree

  Represent our spiritual selves; the youthful phase of our lives


Trunk - the solid, sturdy foundation from which the branches can grow

  Represents our inner mental and emotional selves; the core phase of our lives


Roots - grounded into the physical earth

  Represent our physical selves; the mature and wise phase of our lives

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