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Your Health. In Harmony. With Nature. 

Invest in the roots of YOUR health!

Vis Tree is a community-based approach to health and healing. By amalgamating health retreats with organic farming, Vis Tree provides the necessary tools to empower those who seek to heal themselves from the inside out. 

At Vis Tree, we believe that everyone possesses the innate ability to live a vibrant and resilient life.

Empower yourself with the tools you need to live a healthy life!

Quality Nutrition. Adequate Rest. Daily Exercise. Minimal Stress.

If you give your body what it needs, it should heal. 

Sometimes, re-establishing these foundations is all you need to feel well. Disconnecting from the day-to-day in a natural environment allows you to re-connect with your health. Join us for a health retreat and see how your body, mind and soul respond to  the shift. 


Organic produce and herbs may seem inaccessible for many, but it's something that used to be grown in every backyard. 

Small-scale, organic produce and herbs should be accessible for everyone and it's a key component to maintaining good health!

Through small-scale farming practices, including organic certification and permaculture principles, we believe it's possible to bring this accessibility back to every Canadian household. 

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