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Rates & Services

Naturopathic Medicine

As of September 1, 2016, Vis Tree Health is offering its services on an accessible payment model. Below are the suggested rates for services, however, every patient (regardless of income) will be given the option to pay 100%, 50% or pay-what-you-can. 

We are passionate about accessible health care and we don't want your finances to be the barrier that prevents you from seeking naturopathic care. 

For questions about this model, please call us at (613) 909-0059 or email

Rates Effective January 1, 2019: 

Naturopathic Visits 

Adult Initial Intake (90 mins)  $200

Pediatric Initial Intake (60 mins)  $160


Follow-Up (60 mins)  $160

Follow-Up (30 mins)  $80

Follow-Up (15 mins) $40

*In-person or via Video/phone

Acute Visit (per 15 mins)  $40


Meet & Greet (15 mins) FREE

*In-person or via Skype/phone



Treatment (30 mins)  $80

You must be an existing patient to receive acupuncture treatment. 


Vitamin B12 Intra-muscular injections: 

1000 mcg or 5000 mcg: $20 


Custom Tinctures: 

100 ml: $20 

250 ml: $50 


Custom Tea Blends: 

30 grams : $7 

60 grams: $12 


Lab Testing

Lab testing is conducted on an as-needed basis. Prices vary based on tests. Lab tests are only available for current patients. 

Please contact us for more information. 




Professional brand supplements are available by prescription.  Prices vary based on products. Supplements are only available for current patients.

Please contact us for more information. 


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