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Membership Benefits
- 10 produce boxes - value of $30.00/box
- FLEXIBLE consumption schedule (pick what weeks you want a box)
- 10% off all other Vis Tree products/services
- first option for 2017 membership 

**If you use your first 10 weeks of boxes, you will have the option to purchase additional individual boxes for $35/week or another 10-week package for $300.00 (savings of $50!). 

Wednesday Pick-up (Ottawa) - $300.00
Saturday Pick-up (North Gower) - $300.00
Saturday Delivery - $400.00 ($10/week extra)

2016 CSA Membership (10 Boxes)

  • We will be offering 20 memberships for the 2016 CSA produce program for a guaranteed 20-weeks. Sign up and receive copious amounts of fresh, local produce throughout the 2016 season!

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