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Pre-Conception Care

Pre-Conception care is for both men and women who are planning on conceiving and wanting to optimize their health and optimize their fertility with the goal of a happy and healthy pregnancy and baby. Pre-Conception care can start anywhere between three months to one year pre-conception. Naturopathic medicine offers support through lifestyle and diet, optimizing nutrition, decreasing risk, detoxifying the bodies and mental/emotional preparation. 


How Can Pre-Conception Care Benefit You? 


  • Improve fertility and chances of a healthy conception 

  • Reduce incidence of miscarriage and premature birth 

  • Improve health of sperm and egg 

  • Increase overall health and energy during pregnancy

  • Empower parents through education on their own health and wellness

  • Decrease occurrence of common pregnancy complaints 

  • Decrease occurrence and risk of complications during pregnancy 

  • Decreased chances of birth defects

  • Decreased risk of postpartum depression 

  • Decreased risk of allergy in baby

  • Decreased risk of learning disabilities in baby


Pre-conception care has also been found to help double the chances of success rates for assisted reproductive technology, if you are experiencing fertility issues. 



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