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CSA Program Kemptville




CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. You support us (the farmers). In return, you receive fresh, local produce. It's a win-win!


2016 Program Details


Our 2016 CSA Program is set to commence Saturday, June 4th and will continue until Saturday, October 15th = a total of 20 guaranteed weeks. If possible, we will extend our growing season from mid-May to early November, and members will reap the bounty! 



Nature's Way Kemptville (2676 County Rd 43) - Wednesday afternoons (12:00pm - 6:00pm)


To join the program, you must commit to a 10-week membership.

A huge benefit to the Vis Tree Farm CSA program is you get to choose when to use your 10 weeks of produce.

It's similar to having a punch card! 


Once your first 10 weeks have been used up, you can choose whether you want to commit to an additional 10 weeks or purchase on

a week-by-week basis.



2016 Membership Details

Membership - $300.00

With an annual membership, you receive loads of benefits!

 - 10 initial weeks of produce @ $30.00/week

 - FLEXIBLE Scheduling:  you decide when you get your produce

 - Additional Discounts: 10% off all other Vis Tree products/services 

 - first option on 2017 memberships


10-Week Add-On - $300.00

If you've consumed your first 10 weeks of produce and want to continue receiving weekly produce, add another 10 weeks for a significant savings!

 - available only to existing members

 - FLEXIBLE Scheduling applies to this package as well


Weekly Add-On - $35.00

If you've consumed your first 10 weeks of produce and want to continue receiving produce on a week-by-week basis, this is the best option!

 - available only to existing members



2016 Program Details


The following is an estimate of what you should expect in your weekly baskets throughout the 2016 season.




*Exact timing and availability of produce is subject to change based on weather/availability, but we'll do our best to stay on track!


The CSA Program is a community program intended to partner farmers with consumers. We as farmers do our best to fulfill your every need and desire when it comes to consuming high-quality, fresh, local produce. That said, we're farmers and farming isn't always perfect. By committing to the CSA program, we take the risk of things not working out perfectly together.


Prior to committing to the CSA program, please read the following document:





2016 Program FAQs


I want to join but can only commit for a few weeks. Is it still possible to join? 

All members are required to commit to a minimum of 10 weeks on a flexible schedule throughout the season. This means you can choose when to receive your produce. Once your first 10 weeks have been consumed, you can choose whether to purchase additional weeks. If you cannot commit to 10 weeks, we suggest you partner with another potential member and you share your first 10 weeks. 


Is it possible to pick-up our produce on days other than Wednesday?

Due to harvesting schedules and other location pick-ups, it is not possible to provide additional pick-up days. 


I don't like _________ (fill in the blank). Is is possible to replace this with more of something else? 

The nature of the CSA program is that you receive what we harvest on a weekly basis, thereby eating with the season. We cannot guarantee that we'll be able to accomodate every request, but we'll do our best to give you more of what you like. If there are items you would prefer not to receive, let us know and we'll try to replace them. 


Do you offer different box sizes?

We do not offer different box sizes at this time. We aim to fill our boxes to the brim, maximizing how much you get each week. If you feel it's too much, you can reduce your pick-up/delivery schedule to every two weeks. If it's not enough, let's chat about supplementing your box with more produce. 


How many people does one box feed?

That entirely depends on your or your family's eating habits. For some couples, one box may last two weeks. For some families, one box may last two days. In general, one box should last a small family or a couple that consumes a lot of produce one week. If you are a large family or you consume a lot of produce in general, you may want to order two boxes. 


How will you know what weeks I want my produce?

We will assume you want your produce unless you tell us otherwise. If you are away or prefer not to receive produce one week, email or call to let us know. We can also setup bi-weekly pick-up/delivery or any other option you prefer. The benefit of being a small program is we can be farily flexible. 



Ready to become a member of the Vis Tree Farm CSA Program? 

Vis Tree Farm - CSA Program
Jenn Keller @ Vis Tree Farm

Jenn with epic Bok Choy in June 2015

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